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Power rangers games

Ninja turtles vs power rangers You need to protect the earht from the evil villains.You can play either with power rangers or ninja turtles.Play with both of them and gain the best score and defend the planet. U [...]
Power rangers knight In this game you have to fight against other knights.For each fight you get awarded with some gold.Use the gold to buy stronger weapons. Use your mouse to play
Power rangers flipout You are a power ranger.You need to jump over and slide under all the enemies to acomplish the level.Think it’s easy?Try it out. Use up to jump Use down to slide under enemies
Powerranger  super transformation This is a power ranger game for all ages.In this game you can change which power ranger will you be.Each ranger has a diferent skill,like Mia,the pink ranger,she can identify the l [...]
Ninja storm Collect all the thunders.Watch out for the obstacles.Don’t let the fire reach you,if it burns you,you will lose a life.If you loose all your lifes it’s game over. Use t [...]
Power rangers Dinothunder Mad scientist Mesagog is planing to return the world to the age of the dinosaurs.Only when you’ve collected all the Dino Gems can you morph into a power ranger and helo the o [...]
Dojo defender Prevent the moogers from reaching the dojo. Use left and right arrow to move and use space to shoot.

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